Let Wisdom Teeth Decide

Untimely and misplaced eruption of the third molar teeth has been a cause of concern for many. Dentists carry out extraction of such impacted teeth by using sedation and all the necessary precautions to ensure successful completion of the procedure. One should be aware of every aspect of the procedure before going through with it.

There are several ways of measuring growth in humans. Usually people are considered fully grown when their height stops increasing or in more social terms, when they start making a living. Some associate growth of people with the occurrence of wisdom teeth. This name suggests that their eruption takes place when a person has gained wisdom with age as they are the last molar teeth to appear. But it is not a necessity. One cannot be considered fully grown just by their teeth. Typically these teeth surface from the late teens to mid twenties. But in some cases they never erupt or come out at a later age.

Correct eruption of wisdom teeth is not a problem; in fact they give the jaw a fuller look and a stronger bite. But third molar teeth become a problem when their eruption disturbs the harmony of the tooth structure. Some third molars erupt below an existing, healthy tooth, causing problems like pain, swelling and posing a fatal threat to the existing tooth. Impacted third molar teeth should be promptly removed to avoid any further deterioration of oral health. Removal of impacted teeth is much easier at an early age when the jaw bones are not that dense and roots are still developing.

Dentists around the world offer tooth extraction services that deal specifically with the removal of impacted third molars. Extraction is considered absolutely safe and is conducted with all the necessary precautions. To minimise the pain, anaesthesia is applied which numbs the area that has to be operated. The type and amount of sedation will depend on the placement and the number of teeth that are to be extracted. Dentist begins by opening the gum tissue surrounding the impacted tooth and removes the bone that surrounds it. The next step is removal of the tissue through which the impacted tooth is connected to the bone, after which the tooth is removed and the wound is allowed to heal.

Although the description of this process is scary enough to keep people away from tooth extraction, but it is absolutely necessary to get rid of an impacted tooth that is damaging a perfectly healthy one. But before going through with the procedure, you must understand fully the pros and cons of doing it. Despite of having many benefits, extraction comes with a few disadvantages too, so you must be aware of all the aspects before you go ahead with the operation. Taking a wise decision and making the best choice for your oral health will definitely be a proof of your gained wisdom, whether you have wisdom teeth or not.

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